our project work flow

Sign contract and upload to secure server

Once the contract or PO is in place, our office manager Cindy will contact you or come to your office directly and gather all the pertinent drawings, scans and/or cad files and work with you to upload the documents to our secure cloud storage servers.

Our qualified team works on your project

When we have the files and documents we need our skilled professional drafting team lead by a 25 year veteren of the Canadian Oil and Gas Drafting business will complete your project in a very timely and accurate fashion, to the standards you expect.

Quality control and project completion.

All of your drawings will be throroughly checked and reviewed by our senior team members. Only then will we provide you a final copy for you to review and approve, then our office manager will work with you again to transfer all files back to your system - completing the project.

services in detail

Drafting and As-built Services:

ONYX Drafting Services LLC's primary focus is drafting, from client supplied redlines to field as-builts to EHT Iso's and more using all of the latest design and drafting CAD 2D and 3D software. ONYX Drafting Services' field crew has as-built some of the largest oil & gas facilities in Alberta. Our qualified technicians will precisely document existing operations and comply with strict discipline-specific standards. Accurate, consistent and cost effective, our as-building teams know what it takes to produce a drawing package for effective HAZOP studies or an addition to any size facility. ONYX and our field crews are an excellent resource for auditing your facility design. By as-building without prejudice we allow you to critique the engineering and construction of your assets. Projects that have been as-built are simpler to complete and less costly. Without as-building, project conflicts do not become apparent until construction, with the inevitable result of costly changes and delays in the project. We have earned a reputation for delivering an excellent product on time and on budget. All of our field personnel hold certificates for H2S Alive, first aid, WHMIS, and are current with Industry Recommended Practices.

EHT (Electrical Heat Trace) Drafting Services:

ONYX can help you design, coordination and develope complete EHT drawing packages. We can prepare general equipment and plant layout for electrical heat tracing (EHT) distribution panels, controllers, transformers and field marshalling junction boxes. ONYX can help in providing complete electrical heat tracing design for pipe freeze protection application using mineral insulated and self-regulating cables, tube bundles ambient control and buffered design. We will Utilize your piping isometrics, line designation tables, P&IDs for electrical heat trace design information and determine best location of power points and RTDs and help to generate electrical heat tracing isometric zone drawings.

Engineering and Design/Drafting Services:

ONYX has a strategic partnership in place that enables us to be a full service Engineering and Design/Drafting facility - utilizing all of the latest 2D and 3D CAD and engineering design software. With this strategic partnership in place we can deliver complete project capabilities: from concept development through to engineering services including pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up. Our engineering arm is a leader in carbon capture; a technology that dramatically reduces greenhouse emissions throughout the oil and gas sector. We have an experienced and dedicated engineering and project management team behind us with years of oil and gas experience.

Project Management Services:

ONYX Drafting Services LLC's lead project manager (Dru MacInnes) has over 15 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry starting as an onsite Construction Engineer for an established EPCM and progressing into the Project Engineer and Project Manager roles in a home office environment. Dru's experience has been in the heavy oilsands, conventional oil and gas, refinery and commercial construction and is well versed in the processes and procedures utilized by EPCMs of all sizes and major producers located in Canada. Having been responsible for producing and managing the generation of engineering deliverables for past projects, Dru understands the importance of producing a deliverable on schedule and budget while maintaining quality and safety in design. Dru has been a registered member of APEGA (Alberta, Canada) as a Professional Engineer in good standing since 2001.

Document Control Services:

ONYX utilizes secured cloud storage technology for seemless file transfer and management of our client's documents and CAD files. ONYX Drafting Services LLC's lead document control guru (Cindy MacInnes) has over 15 years experience in the Oil & Gas Industry working both onsite and in home office on large oils sands projects. Cindy has expertise in Procurement & Expediting, Office Coordinator and managing staff, but specializes in workflow documentation processes. Her recent experiences are with document transfer and tracking between Calgary and Fort McMurray, Edmonton, and New Delhi. Cindy has successfully completed courses in Project Management Certification, Dale Carniage Leadership Skills and AutoCAD.